ARMED STRATEGY - PART 1 : HOW WE UNDERSTOOD COVID LIFECYCLE. by Dr. Sadanand Rasal did we treat thousands of patients with great accuracy?

How  did we diagnose with such precision ?

How did we predict and plan strategy of mutation of COVID  , When world could not?

Friends  our success in covid management is a result of our understanding the virus in a way better than the rest of the world . We understood the characteristic presentation of virus , from the point of view of the host. Understanding the host is  our prowess of years , and working of reversal of cellular injury and reversing organ and functional pathological changes has been our scope of work.

at the very start of the pandemic we understood how the virus is going to behave . Yoga and the visionary acumen it gives made us see within body what the virus would need to enter, grow, cultivate, spread and attack.
based on this understanding we understood that the virus would be presenting itself not as a one sole pandemic but as a prolonged pandemic with endemic pandemic epidemic pattern.
Based on these inputs we could visualize the life cycle of covid virus.
we divided it in to 5 phases,

1.  Accumulator

2.  Accelerator

3.  Modifier

4.  Deceptive

5.  Erratic 

The inserted video will elaborate on this 5 phases of life cycle of covid virus, a view developed by 

Dr Sadanand.


 Part 2 of this bog series , i will share how we have formulated our total COVID management .

Dr. Sadanand Rasal
Director Atmavedayog Pvt. Ltd.


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